1474 South Acoma St Denver, CO 80223


In January 2013 nine artists built-out what has now become TANK Studios in Denver, Colorado. TANK Studios aims to be a long-term sustainable and affordable studio space for high quality artists at all levels of a career. We understand that having a stronger community makes stronger artists and this community is conducive to making work that maximizes our potential. Our open studio floor plan promotes open dialog and critique—two critical elements in our art making practice.

Located in Denver, Colorado on South-South Broadway, TANK Studios situates itself in an eclectic neighborhood that includes antique shops, growhouses, bars, 7-Elevens, distilleries, and an ARC thrift store.

TANK Studios began with an open floor plan of 10 studios that range from 230-300 square feet. The second phase of the TANK Studios occurred six months after our first build-out adding an additional 3200 to our existing 3000 square foot space. This expansion was in large part funded by generous donors and supporters–to whom we are forever grateful. By design, our layout emphasizes our need and want to have a friendly and responsible community of artists.

TANK Studios is a private, professional, working space. We offer studio visits and tours by appointment only. Please contact the artists directly for individual inquires or the studio as a whole at tankstudiosdenver@gmail.com to make an appointment.

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